Now, it has been standing strong at the bank of the river Seine for more than a century. It can be seen from almost every window facing towards its direction. And it has harmoniously become part of the Paris skyline.

After all the turbulences and doubts your relationship may have had to affront, let it become through an unforgettable union as strong and everlasting as the Eiffel Tower, a magnificent symbol of Love for everyone to see.

Romantic Global sincerely wishes true love bears fruit, and we are dedicated to this great mission of creating your perfect moment of a life time.

Brand Story



La Tour Eiffel standing in Champ de Mars is the world renowned landmark in France, and the symbol for the city of romance - Paris.

In 1889, Alexandre G. Eiffel designed the controversial tower as the entrance arch to the World’s Fair.

It was originally design to be a temporary structure, and was planned to be dismantled after the Fair. But somehow the French government decided to keep this Paris’s tallest viewpoint permanently.

The design of the tower had become the center of criticisms, because it is so different from the classical buildings around it, the citizens of Paris considered it a misfit.